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How to Make a Vegan Cake

Many families have at least one strict vegan in them.  Those not familiar with a vegan diet many not know what a vegan will or will not eat.  Another problem is, not knowing how to replace the items in a recipe that a vegan will not eat.   Without this information making a birthday or celebration cake for a vegan may seem impossible.

This article explains all that is needed to make a perfect vegan cake.  The best thing is no one will even notice the difference.

Most strict vegans will not eat eggs, frosting, use butter and sugar, or drink milk.  All of these items have some sort of animal byproduct in them.

Eggs are easily replaced by “energy Egg Replacer” which can be purchased and many grocery stores.  The carton will explain how much replacer should be used for each egg.

Organic rice milk does not contain any animal byproducts and can be used to replace regular milk.  Rice milk can also be purchased at the local grocery store.

Sugar is not consumed by many vegans because often times it is whitened by animal bone char.  Regular granulated sugar can be replaced by “unbleached” sugar, sugar in the raw or beet sugar.  Some can sugars are not whitened using bone char.  Unfortunately these brands are hard to distinguish unless the name brand is known.

A strict vegan will not eat food containing butter.  Butter can be replaced with margarine or vegetable shortening in most recipes. 

In addition to the above mentioned items dairy frosting also contains animal byproducts and many vegans will not consume it.  A similar flavor of “non-dairy” frosting can be purchased or one can be made replacing butter with margarine.

Follow these tips to replace animal byproducts in a cake recipe and the cake will be fit for even the strictest vegetarian. 

The Vegetarian Child

Most vegetarian parents have probably considered putting their children on vegetarian diets. Not only would this save time and effort involved in meal planning but because of dietary or ethical reasons many believe it is the best choice for a child.

Those that are not vegetarians may have a child that has chosen to be a vegetarian. Many times these children do not consume enough healthy food to compensate for the nutritional gap.

No matter what the case many parents wonder if a vegan diet is sustainable and healthy for their children. Some may have hard that putting a child on a vegan diet could potentially stunt the child's growth or cause other health problems. Concerns such as this prevent many parents from putting their children on a vegetarian diet.

These concerns are legitimate. If a vegan diet is poorly planned it can easily cause serious health problems both short, and long term. This is especially true for children, who continue to grow and develop and do not have a sufficient store of vitamins.

Anyone that is not well-informed and prepared to put a child on a vegan diet should not. However, with research into nutrients vegan's lack, and adequate meal planning this problem can easily be overcome.

Many people understand that a child on a healthy vegan diet can improve in health both short and long term. It reduces exposure to animal byproducts that contain hormones and preservatives, both of which have been linked to developmental issues and cancer.

If a vegan diet hasn't been researched thoroughly, and the child is started on one anyway plan meals to boost the amounts of the following nutrients.

1. Protein. Be certain the child is consuming adequate amounts of protein daily by adding items such as wheat, soybeans, isolated soy protein, and nuts to the diet.

2. Calcium. Ensure the child is getting enough calcium by adding calcium-fortified processed foods, and leafy green vegetables to the diet.

3. Iron. This can be added by increased servings of soybeans, pinto beans, tofu, and cereal.

4. Zinc. Almonds, Peanut Butter, and mushrooms will all increase zinc intake.

Those that concentrate on compensating for these nutritional deficiencies will be successful in putting their children on a vegetarian diet. Concentrating on these will help ensure that negative health outcomes do not occur.

Ignore all of the myths surrounding vegan diets and focus on research and meal-planning to ensure success.

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